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Susan and Iain, a romantic wedding



If you love a bit of romantic stories then you’ll love this special Inverness wedding!

Inverness wedding

Susan and Iain got married at the grand Waterside Hotel. It was a stunning spring Inverness wedding, with flowers as the main decor.

Getting ready

Susan and Iain got ready at the Waterside Hotel, and there was such an exciting vibe. The bride wore a stunning long dress, and the groom wore a morning suit – they looked incredible. I knew straight away that it would be impossible to take a bad photo that day! Susan’s flower bouquet and Iain’s buttonhole were made of lily flowers, so perfect and fresh.

The ceremony

The ceremony took place in a beautiful room at the Waterside Hotel. The venue area was really cosy, ideally suited for an intimate wedding. It all began with bridesmaids entering the room following by glorious bride Susan and finished with them walking down the aisle. I truly adore the after ceremony walk because there is so much happiness on the couple’s faces. The ceremony itself was moving, full of cheer and nervous giggles

After the ceremony, we took some time out for family photos, which was really chilled out. Then we went for couples’ portraits, which was so much fun. I got some really special portrait photos outdoors – we had a special guest who joined us for the couple session – amazing dog Kelsey! The weather was fresh and sunny, perfect for outdoors photographs.

Love, J

Suppliers for the Inverness wedding:

Flowers  The Simpsons Florist Team

Venue The Waterside Hotel, Inverness


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