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A Fusion of Love: Liam and Clara’s Scottish-Italian Wedding at Kincraig Castle Hotel


Italian Bride

Wedding Day!

Kincraig Castle Hotel became the enchanting backdrop for the union of two beautiful people, Liam, a proud Scotsman, and Clara, a radiant Italian bride. Scottish-Italian Wedding celebrated over a glorious summer day, was a harmonious blend of traditions, love, and cultural richness

Capturing Scottish and Italian Elegance:

The day began with the resonating echoes of bagpipes, a traditional Scottish touch that welcomed guests to the breathtaking venue. The air was filled with anticipation and joy as family and friends gathered to witness the union of two distinct cultures.

Ceremony at Kincraig Castle Hotel:

The majestic Kincraig Castle Hotel, steeped in history and charm, provided an ethereal setting for the heartfelt ceremony. Clara, adorned in a stunning Italian-inspired gown, walked down the aisle, radiating grace and elegance. Liam, in his Scottish kilt, stood tall and proud, embodying the spirit of his heritage

Moments of Love and Joy:

As the day unfolded, I captured the pure emotions of love, happiness, and tears! The intermingling of Scottish ceilidh dances with Italian tarantellas showcased the vibrant spirits of both families, fostering a sense of unity and celebration that transcended cultural boundaries.

Liam and Clara’s wedding was a testament to the beauty of diversity and the unifying power of love. It was an honor to photograph this amazing Scottish-Italian Wedding, preserving the cherished moments that reflected the union of two rich cultures at the enchanting Kincraig Castle Hotel.

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