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Get ready for a garden summer wedding!


garden summer wedding

How it started?

I met Helen and Alan in December 2019. We were talking about their big day plans but none of us knew it will turn into the most magical garden summer wedding.

We have managed to meet and shoot an engagement session just a few days before all Covid-19 craziness started. From that moment nothing was certain anymore.

Against all odds my couple decided to go ahead and get married as planed.

The Garden Wedding

Instead of a church ceremony, Helen and Alan had to have an outdoor wedding. It was one of the most amazing garden summer wedding I have had a chance to photograph!

If you ever looking for a garden wedding there is no better place than Oldtown of Lays Garden. It is so truly magical place with a range of trees, flowers, and a lovely pond.

Depside the fact that Helena and Alan could not invite all the guests, I believe they were really happy with how everything turned out.


July, beautiful garden, and fantastic weather – that’s a full list of ingredients to cook a perfect wedding day! As the number of guests was limited, a live Facebook stream was in place to make sure everyone who knows Helen and Alan can share this special day with them.

I wish Helen and Alan all the best and I cannot wait to see them next year for an evening party!

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Inverness garden
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